"Introducing 'CURIOUS'... Britain's only Magical Mannequin !."

If you want the 'WOW' factor, the 'SHOCK' factor or you wish to increase footfall toward your display or product you should seriously consider this unique form of promotion.

BUT ITS BETTER THAN THAT!!... just the presence of 'CURIOUS' is enough to guarantee unprecedented attention, however, behind the mask is one of the most talented 'close-up' magicians in the UK today... Roy Bond... and as part of his act he will approach your clients and customers interacting with them with a display of 'close-up' magic the likes of which they have never seen before!

This creates a fantastic atmosphere, relaxes the spectators and will create more sales opportunities for your staff. He can be set as part of any display or a stand alone attraction and can even remove the mask to speak to and perform for small audiences in store if required. If you wish you could even set him into your window display to attract passing trade with silent, visual magic routines.