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Christmas starts with The Bond's Bunco Booth annual installation at Exchange, Nottingham

Added: December 1, 2019, 11:27 am

Its always signals the start of Christmas when Bond's Bunco Booth is installed within the wonderful surroundings of The Exchange shopping arcade in Nottingham's city center. A full deck out of Christmas lights and decorations takes place overnight so that regular shoppers get a magical surprise when they arrive in the morning to do their Christmas shopping !!... the atmosphere is set perfectly by a fabulous brass band playing christmas carols and tunes throughout the day AND yours truly performing my usual trickery and sleight of hand so that all involved walk away with a magical glint in their eye !.... I have performed here for many years and it's always a great day. Lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones too this year and like i said to them i'll say it to you too .... " have a fantastically, festive time but behave yourselves coz Santa's watching !! "

Bond's Bunco Booth Christmas Tomfoolery
Bond's Bunco Booth Christmas tomfoolery
Bond's Bunco Booth Christmas tomfoolery